* NOTE: The views of the individuals below reflect their own individual opinion and are not an endorsement from the group they represent.

“Bob is a proven national leader and an advocate for all students.  His passion and commitment to the school counseling profession are remarkable.” – Sheila Deam, MASCA President, 2005-2006.

“Bob is an engaging, energetic leader and advocate with a focus on improving the lives and outcomes of students through school counseling. His commitment and passion are truly remarkable.” – Tim Poynton,  Ed.D., Associate Professor and Director, School Counseling Program, Suffolk University

“Bob Bardwell is one of the most passionate advocates for the school counseling profession that I know.  He has been instrumental in the advocacy work in Massachusetts, always on the cutting edge of trends, and making connections with decision makers at all levels.” – Jennifer Lisk, President, Massachusetts School Counselors Association, 2012-13

“As an involed NACAC member and leader as well as a seasoned high school director of school counseling, Bob’s experience in college and career readiness is integrally important for the future of professional school counseling in today’s K-12 schools.” – Stuart Chen-Hayes, Ph.D. Associate Professor and Coordinator, Counselor Education/School Counseling, City University of New York/Lehman College

“Bob’s dedication to providing meaningful professional development opportunities for his counseling colleagues serves as an insipiration to all of us.” – Mary DeAngelo, Director of Enrollment Mangagement, Springfield College

“In my opinion, Bob Bardwell is truly a person with the compassion, integrity, and professionalism which would make him an outstanding leader in ASCA.  His commitment to this leadership role will be beneficial to all school counselors.” – Sandy Braun, former President and Executive Director of NYSSCA

“Bob truly represents what it means to be an advocate and passionate school counselor. College and career readiness is presenting itself to be a key area for school counselors to advocate and promote the profession and his experience within this realm will be an asset to the ASCA board and profession to position ourselves nationally in the education reform movement.” – Shawn Grime, former president of the Ohio School Counselor Association

“I worked with Bob Bardwell for three years at Monson High School and served on various committees with him in the state association. I have never met anyone so committed to furthering the profession of school counseling and improving the lives of students. There is literally nothing he wouldn’t do to advocate for his fellow colleagues. I witnessed it on a daily basis!” – Elizabeth Reed, former colleague and MASCA MA Model Committee Chair

“Bob is  a dedicated and  tireless advocate for the school counseling profession. His leadership in Massachusetts over the last 10 years has helped bring  the state association  and school counselors “to the ed reform table” . His energy and skills would make him a tremendous ASCA President.” Katharine Gray, MASCA President 2004-2005, Owner, Unique Potential Consulting and Leadership Coaching

“Bob Bardwell is the consummate counselor involved at the local WMCA, state MASCA and national ASCA levels.  He is an active voice with the DESE and Massachusetts State Legislature advocating for counseling legislation. His work with students, parents, staff and counselors is exemplary. Bob represents the “best” attributes of counseling.” Arlene Tierney, retired Director of Guidance, Ludlow High School and Past President, Western Massachusetts Counselor Association 2010-11

“In my fifteen years of being involved in school counselor leadership at the state and national level, I have been very fortunate to meet and work with a lot of great school counseling leaders from across the country.  From this group of people whom I greatly admire, Bob Bardwell stands out.  His passion and determination for advancing the profession is incredible.  Not interested in self-promotion, Bob is quietly efficient in bringing people together to work towards the shared vision of making school counselors respected, impactful, and indispensable as they work to facilitate the academic, career, social, and emotional growth of our nation’s children.” Chris Laudo, President, Pennsylvania School Counselors Association 2005-2006 & North Atlantic Regional Vice President, American School Counselor Association 2007-2010

“Bob Bardwell is a remarkable counselor, leader, and innovator.  Bob understands the needs of students and parents with the perfect blend of empathy and expertise; he understands how services and professional development can be improved to meet even more needs of his clients, and he has the vision, communication skills, and dynamic energy to create new opportunities for clients and colleagues alike.  There is no one better suited to lead ASCA to a broader level of service than Bob Bardwell.” Patrick O’Connor, Past President, National Association for College Admission Counseling

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